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Adding to websites: How to embed your virtual tour into your website

Add your virtual tour to your website in 5 simple steps

Step 1

step-1aNavigate around your business Virtual Tour and choose the position and angle you would like your virtual tour to start from, use the arrows as shown in red circle.

Step 2

Click on the ‘Link’ icon as shown the red box to the right.

A new box will open containing the URL link and the HTML code to your virtual tour – It is the HTML code we will be using.

step-2Step 3

Simply Copy & Paste the HTML text into your website. The virtual tour will be copied at the standard dimension of Width=425 Height=350

step-4Step 4

If you wish to create bespoke dimensions for the virtual tour simply click ‘customise and preview embedded map’. A new window will open, select ‘custom’ and enter your desired dimensions accordingly, this can be seen in the red box to the right.

We strongly recommend that you do not create a width which is over 1000 pixels wide as most tablets and smartphones cannot view websites over 1000 pixels wide.

step-5Step 5

Go to your website and confirm the virtual tour appears exactly as you intend it to look.


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