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Adding to facebook: How To Embed a Virtual Tour into a Facebook Page


Here is an example of how you can embed your Google Indoor Street View tour into your Facebook Page. It’s easy. Just follow these steps.

1. Log into your Facebook account then go to the Woobox App and install it.
2. Go to your Facebook page and click on the new Woobox tab titled ‘Welcome’. Authorise the Tab application when prompted.
(Note: if you don’t see the new tab, click the little tab drop-down located just to the right of your fourth tab. This will reveal your additional tabs).
3. In a separate browser window, go to Google Maps and locate the virtual tour that you want to embed. In the tour, navigate to the starting position you want it to have, then Click on the ‘link’ icon near the top left, then click on the ”Customize and preview embedded map” link.
4. When the new window pops up, click the “Custom” radio button and set the custom width at 800 and the height at 550. Copy the code. (Note: To select all the code, it is best NOT to drag your mouse to select, but instead to either tripple click, or click once and then hit Ctrl+C (PC) or Cmd+C (Mac) to copy the code to your clip board).
5. Paste the code from your Google Indoor Street View tour into your Woobox custom Facebook tab. Be sure to enable the ‘wide mode’ to show a big window. Change the name of the tab to whatever you want. Save your settings.


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