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Hugh Lambert

Lighting Cameraman/DOP

Huge Productions, 100 Parkstone Ave, Poole, Dorset BH14 9LS
+44(0)7979 237 649

I have over 10 years experience in a wide scope of programming styles;, Drama, Documentary, Entertainment, Observational, Sport and Reconstruction. I have filmed all over the world in all sorts of socially and climatically demanding environments. I started my career as an Editor and ran the two parallels for a few years, which I believe, has massively strengthened my programme making skills. I also have experience in underwater filming and Steadicam. Based in London and Dorset.

CREDITS (full version as PDF)

Commercials and Promos

James Blunt, “Carry You Home”
Aspers Casino
Warner Breaks

Feature Drama

*The Ultimate Truth (1×81’)

Docu -Drama

The Truth Behind the Moon Landings (1×60’)
The Day James Dean Died (1×60’)
Francis Bacon Legacy (1×60’)
Surviving Ted Bundy (1×60’)
DIY Births(3×60’)
Inside The Mind of Frank Bruno (1×60’)
DIY Surgery (1×60’)
Bio Terror (1×60’)
New Killers on the Block (1×60’)
Gene Hunters (1×60’)
Crimes of Fashion (1×60’)

The Truth Behind the Bermuda Triangle
The Truth Behind Crop Circles
The Mystery Files
Snakeman(working title)
Merton to Enfield (3×60’)
Nightmare Neighbours (4×60’)
The Hip Hop Years
NHS Reformation (3×60’)
You Think You Are? (1×30’)
Chosen People (1×60’)
Kings of construction (1×60’)
Stardust (1×60’)
Alien Conspiracies (1×60’)
Rooted (1×60’)
Loch Ness (1×60’)
Explorations (3×60’)
Crimes on CCTV (1×60’)
Worlds Worst (2×60’)
Streakers 2 (1×60’)
The John Leslie Scandal (1×60’)
Month of Living Dangerously (13×30’)
Travel Emergency (1×60’)


The Sky at Night
The Apprentice
Come Dine With Me
Trinny and Sussannah
Scrapheap Challenge (30×60’)
Countryfile (1×60’)
How Do They Do It?
Uncharted Territory (Belize) (1×60’)
Uncharted Territory (Brazil) (1×60’)
Jodie Marsh ‘Up the Aisle’
Natural Born Sellers
Chelsea Flower Show
Level Up
How to Be a Property Developer 3
How Clean is Your House? (1×60’)
Wild Thing I love You (3×60’)
Biggest Loser (13×60’)
Home (13 x 60’)
Science of Sex
100 Greatest Family Films
New Home DIY
Package Holiday Uncovered
Donal MacIntyre’s Toughest Towns
Bring your Husband To Heal
Top of the Pops Saturday
Sport Competition Promo
Under One Roof
Shipwrecked Extra
Style World 2 Travel
Food and Drink
Only Organic (10×30’)
Cook Back In Time (10X30’)
Dream Ticket
Dominika’s Planet 2

Staff Positions

RDF Lighting Camera/Editor 1998-2000
Blueprint Editor/Lighting Camera 1996-1998
* Winner New York Film Festival

Personal Details
Male 36 I Visa Full UK Driving Licence Advanced Padi

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