Google Trusted Photographer

Google virtual tours

Six easy steps to help you engage with potential customers, increase awareness of your business and drive up sales

1. Claim your Google Local and Google + page if you don’t already have one


This is a listing of your business on Google Maps. This is fast becoming a favoured method for people seaching on the internet for businesses like yours. It’s free and available to most businesses. No programming skills required. Find out how here.

2. Consultation


Call me to arrange a no obligation site visit. At your business we can discuss how best to present your business tour and when to shoot it. I’ll then be able to give you a quote. Shoots start from £110 and there are no ongoing monthly fees or recurring costs of any kind.

3. Virtual Tour Shoot


I’ll photograph your business without disruption to you or your clients. All personal information (faces, numberplates etc.) is blurred out. The shoots generally last about an hour or two, depending on the size of your business. Payment is also made at this time.

4. Images processed and uploaded


The virtual tour is created and the images uploaded by myself into your Google + page. You receive a copy of the Point of Interest photographs too. (Find out here how they will show up)

5. Spread the word


Once the tour is published you can easily embed it into your existing website, link to it on your Twitter feed, or Facebook page. More info available here

6. Profit


Sit back as your virtual tour helps to engage with and bring more customers through your door.

Where will my Google Maps Business View tour be found?

After your tour and Point of Interest photos have been published your potential customers will be able to find the results in one of several ways…

penn1bGoogle Search Engine Results. When anyone searches for your business name in the Google search engine your listing will appear with a small thumbnail image inviting you to ’see inside’ your business along with a map and a Street View option. This gives a much enhanced visual representation and can only attract more clients to your business.


penn3Google + Page. Your Point of Interest images and Virtual Tour will feature prominently on your Google Plus business page. This is the page where your potential customers can get an extensive overview of your business. This page is also indexed in the Google search engine rankings so the increased content in your Virtual Tour and photos can enhance your search engine listing.


penn2bGoogle Maps. Whenever someone searches for a local business like yours in Google Maps, your plus page link will show up on the map and a thumbnail to the Virtual Tour will appear with your listing to the left hand side. Along with Local Places search all these options are becoming more and more important to keep your business at the forefront of your community.


Your own website and Social Media. You can then easily embed the tour on your own website or social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc. click here to see how.


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