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Bournemouth Echo

A HANDFUL of Dorset businesses have been approved by Google to deliver an innovation that could revolutionise people’s shopping and leisure habits.

Business View takes Google’s familiar Street View technology and extends it, delivering 360 degree virtual tours inside business premises.

Customers looking for a particular business on Google will spot a thumbnail image inviting them to ‘see inside’.

The virtual tour will also be pointed out as an option if they find the business via Google+ or Google Maps.

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Bournemouth Chamber of Commerce

A Dorset TV cameraman and photographer is wowing local businesses with ‘inside view’ panoramic virtual tours as part of his newly established business, 360 Dorset.

Bournemouth based Hugh Lambert is one of a handful of accredited Google Trusted Photographers in the Dorset area and is working with Google, extending Street View into the heart of our local businesses. This new service, ‘Google Maps Business View’, allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to showcase their offering like never before.

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