Google Trusted Photographer

About 360 Dorset

360 Dorset are proud to announce that they will be offering the Google Business Photographs service across the Dorset region.

Hugh Lambert a Television Cameraman and Director of Photography with over 15yrs experience in the broadcast sector (see credits) has now been fully trained to the exacting standards that Google require for their Trusted Photographer Programme.

‘I have a great passion for the Dorset area having lived here most of my life and I feel privileged to be a part of this new and exciting revolution!’

‘Inside View’ now gives Dorset businesses an incredible opportunity to showcase themselves, their venues, their products in a way that has never been possible before.

Opening the doors to new customers and ultimately helping our region thrive.

I firmly believe that this technology will help to revitalise both the High Street and the more rural, far reaching business locations in our area. The customer will now know exactly what they are making the effort to travel to and what to expect when they get there. No more disappointments, no more wasted journeys and more opportunity and confidence to try new things!!

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